Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

FXB Country Programs

Founded in 1989, FXB is active in 15 countries and operates around 100 programs, including 49 FXB-Villages. Our team of over 450 employees and over 1,000 volunteers is committed to delivering lasting solutions for children orphaned and made vulnerable by AIDS.

FXB’s programs are founded on the belief that the best way to care for these children is to address the root causes of human insecurity, and to develop solutions that are tailored to the specific cultural, political, and economic contexts of those most in need. FXB’s programs are as diverse as the people they serve to ensure that local needs are met and that children are thriving.

Present in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, FXB’s programs and services include:

  • Reintegration of AIDS orphans within foster families
  • School enrollment for primary and secondary school students
  • Vocational training in professional and marketable skills
  • Development of income-generating activities
  • Financial training in savings and micro-credit
  • HIV prevention and education, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Medical care and access to antiretroviral therapy
  • Nutritional support and education
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Legal support and the protection of children’s rights
  • FXB Houses for vulnerable children and orphans
  • Building homes and the relocation of vulnerable families
  • Construction and renovation of schools
  • Creating sources of potable water and improved sanitation systems
  • Environmental management
  • Palliative care