Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

The FXB House in Montevideo

Reinforcing the capacities of youth living in extremely precarious situations and suffering from social exclusion.

The FXB House in Montevideo was created in 1992 to respond to the increasing precariousness that plunged many families into misery and prevented many children from attending school. Many of them had to resort to the streets to ensure survival. Victims of stigmatization and discrimination, violence and sexual exploitation, these children are constantly exposed to HIV and STIs.

Concerned by the alarming exclusion faced by children and young people in Montevideo, FXB decided to set up an educational project that would enable extremely poor children and vulnerable adolescents to find different ways of facing up to the problems posed by poverty, and to develop healthy lifestyles by means of education and vocational training.