Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

3 FXB-Villages in Operation in Sa KaeAo & Si Sa Ket Provinces

Bringing health, education, and stability to children left behind by poverty and AIDS

Since 1990, FXB has been actively implementing programs in Thailand to support vulnerable populations affected and/or infected by HIV.

In response to a general deterioration in the effectiveness of government HIV prevention programs as well as to the rising incidence of stigma and discrimination against People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), FXB currently focuses on empowering and building the capacities of PLWHAs.

In 2006, FXB developed the FXB-Villages in Thailand to respond to the growing needs of destitute families affected and/or infected by HIV and AIDS and the orphans and vulnerable children in their care.

In order to tackle the problem at its root and at a time when no other organization was addressing the issue of child sex work in Thailand, Albina du Boisrouvray led various teams throughout the northern part of the country, to raise awareness of the dangers of this illicit trade.

Each FXB Village provides 80 to 100 families with a basic package of health, education, psychosocial and income-generation activities (IGAs). A village model program can function independently or in parallel with others. Each village model program is designed to last for three years, with scaled down costs each year.  Families become increasingly self-sufficient and more capable of managing their own medical and schooling costs each year. Staff for each village includes one nurse counselor, one social worker and one logistician.

Photos from the Field


  • Develop IGAs for destitute families.
  • Help beneficiaries develop a skill through vocational training.
  • Provide beneficiaries with basic medical care for the treatment of AIDS-related opportunistic infections.
  • Provide beneficiaries with psychosocial support to help them cope with illness, and to deal with stigma and discrimination.
  • Provide educational support for children to pursue their education at the primary and secondary levels. FXB covers the costs of school fees and school material.
  • Advocate for and protect children’s rights in collaboration with local leaders and volunteers. FXB handles reported cases of child abuse and where necessary refers them to appropriate institutions for further management.
  • Sensitize beneficiaries to issues pertaining to HIV prevention, the Rights of the Child, environmental protection, hygiene and sustainable development.
  • Empower youth by imparting HIV-related information and encouraging them to become peer-educators, thereby actively contributing to the fight against AIDS.
  • Create support groups through which beneficiaries will be encouraged to help each other and manage collective activities.

FXB operations in this country are supported, through financial or in-kind donations, by:

  • Asian Development Bank
  • Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church and Friends
  • Fondation Suisse de la Chaîne du Bonheur
  • Glaxo Smith & Kline UK
  • Swiss Embassy, Bangkok
  • Private donors