Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

Giving support and care to the children and the people in need of Switzerland, François-Xavier’s native land

The “Dreams”

In April 1991, FXB launched the operation “Dreams of François-Xavier” which aims to fulfill the dreams of children living in Switzerland who are suffering from serious diseases or whose health has been severely affected as a result of an accident. The main objective of the work is to offer sick children with a magic moment in their lives to help them fight their disease and better tolerate treatment, which can be extremely harrowing.

Since its creation, FXB received a huge variety of requests through the major hospitals of the country: to swim with dolphins, pay a visit to a fire station, meet a show business star, be given a pet, visit Rome or attend a World Cup Match.

Entirely financed by contributions from “Friends of FXB”, the “Dreams” is also supported by a network of people with an inexhaustible fund of creative ideas to make the dreams become a reality.

This program is supported, through financial or in-kind donations, by:

  • Private Donors

The FXB Palliative Home Care Center – Sion (CFXB)

In the face of disease and death, the association François-Xavier Bagnoud offers home palliative care to patients and psychological support to families. The pilot center established in Sion in 1992 was replicated in Paris in 1997.

The FXB Centers also fulfill a function of information and training, animation and research in these domains. FXB hopes to promote the integration of palliative care within health services and to accelerate the evolution of society’s attitudes towards death.

On 1 January 2010, the CFXB has permanently ceased its activities. Entire team – experience and countless skills – has been integrated into a pole skills in medicine and palliative care of the Health Network Valais.

This program is supported, through financial or in-kind donations, by:

  • Etat du Valais
  • Fondation de Famille Sandoz
  • Loterie Romande
  • Private Donors

The FXB Holiday Camps

Since 1996, FXB organizes Holiday Camps for children who have no other opportunity to enjoy a holiday. Twice a year, some 50 children from families in need of support due to health problems, financial difficulties or social circumstances are offered free holidays, in winter and summer. These camps give them a taste of a better life and help them develop coping strategies and social skills.

This program is supported, through financial or in-kind donations, by:

  • Rotary Club Genève Sud
  • Private Donors