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The François-Xavier Bagnoud Palliative Home Care Center (CFXB) in Paris

Offering home palliative care to patients and psychological support to families in the face of disease and death

Starting in Sion, Switzerland, in 1992, and replicated in Paris in 1997, FXB has established pilot palliative home care centers that offer an alternative route to hospitalization.

The FXB Centers offer palliative home care and support to people who have undergone bereavement. Palliative care is directed towards patients who are in a critical phase where there are no more curative measures. It helps relieve the pain experienced by the patients and their family.

These centers also fulfill a function of information and training, animation and research in these domains. FXB hopes to promote the integration of palliative care within health services and accelerate the evolution of society’s attitudes towards death.

Since 2003, The Croix Saint-Simon Foundation and FXB have collaborated to connect their palliative care structures. Today activities of both institutions have been merged into an FXB Unit, preserving FXB principles of quality.

The François-Xavier Bagnoud Unit contains 4 units, as the home hospitalization/care unit specialized in palliative care within the Hospital Croix Saint-Simon, and the national center for palliative care (le Centre de Ressources National):