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4 FXB-VillageS in Operation in Sichuan

Bringing health, education, and stability to children left behind by poverty and AIDS

Background: Children and AIDS in China

Although official statistics are scarce, UNICEF estimates that at least 700,000 adults and children in China are living with HIV. There are at least 140,000 double orphans in China, and some 500,000 children are living with HIV-positive parents.

FXB in China

FXB China currently operates three FXB-Villages, reaching approximately 300 families in Sichuan province. In Sichuan, with a population of 87 million, HIV prevalence is expected to increase by 30% each year, and the disease has spread beyond at-risk populations (e.g. injecting drug users and sex workers) to the general population.

Through the FXB-Village program, FXB brings life-saving care and support to families and children affected by poverty and AIDS, including: nutrition, education, social protection, legal support, sanitation, and psychosocial services, as well as capital to launch small businesses and build financial skills. As businesses develop, caregivers are able to use their newfound income to build savings and assets and to meet their children’s health and education needs independently.


In 2006, FXB piloted the FXB-Village program in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces to serve children and families highly affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty, and marginalization. Through the three pilot FXB-Villages, FXB China has served more than 500 children in over 200 families, and indirectly reached at least 4,000 more individuals. The two pilot projects in Yunnan reached completion in 2009, and the pilot FXB-Village in Sichuan will reach completion in 2010.

At the conclusion of the three year project, success rates in previous FXB-Villages suggest that at least 86% of households will have sources of income sufficient to meet the needs of all children in their care and to escape poverty permanently.

Based on the positive results of the three starter projects in China, FXB launched two FXB-Villages in Sichuan Province in 2010.

Our Partners

In Sichuan, FXB partners with the Beijing Institute for Information and Control, the Chinese Women’s Federation, the Clinton Foundation, Heifer International, and UNICEF China, as well as other local organizations and a number of key government ministries, which provide coordinated care and support to FXB-Village families.

FXB operations in this country are supported, through financial or in-kind donations, by: