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Protravel International

ProtavelFXB Global Partner Since: 2008
Status: First FXB Village launched in Cyeza, Rwanda in August 2009; Currently raising funds for a second FXB Village


Protravel commits to funding a second FXB Village!
As of June 2011, Protravel has pledged to raise $250,000 in order to fund a new FXB Village Network in Kabati, Rwanda. This initiative marks the second collaboration between Protravel and FXB USA. FXB is thankful for Protravel’s continued support. To make a donation to the Protravel-FXB Campaign, click here.

Protravel Boys Young people in Cyeza are given the tools to build a brighter future
With the completion of the secondary school in Cyeza, 200 children are now enrolled in primary school and 44 attend secondary school. Also, seven young women are participating in vocational training, focusing on embroidery, and two young men are training in construction.

Protravel Women Proof of families’ successes already apparent
The health of both adults and children in Cyeza has improved dramatically due to the increased use of mosquito nets and blankets and better hygiene and sanitation in the home. Families have also started planting vegetable gardens so that they can have regular access to nutritious foods. Households have been divided into 8 beneficiary groups, where they have pooled some of their income to invest in the purchase of start-up materials. The groups have collected an average of $117 each. All families now have savings accounts and contribute a portion of their income every month.

Fundraising Spotlight


For the second year in a row, Protravel London, led by agent Aanchal Gandhi, participated in a Dragon Boat race to raise funds for the Protravel FXB-Village in Rwanda.  With the help of Protravel employees and supporters across the UK and US, the team raised more than $12,000 for the children and families within the community.  Congratulations to the team for their successful endeavor and many thank to all of the donors who made this possible!

Past Fundraising Activities

Protravel International’s employees, vendors, and clients thought of many creative ways to raise the funds needed to launch their  first FXB-Village with record speed! From hosting cocktail receptions to donating portions of their sales and paychecks to asking friends to give to the Village in place of sending wedding gifts or holiday presents, they did it all. Watch this video made by Kelsey Jonat and her friends, who sold candy at school to help fund the Village! Thanks to such efforts, Protravel succeeded in raising all the funds needed for their first three-year village program! Still, they continue to be dedicated to improving conditions in Rwanda and are now raising funds to support a second FXB Village in Kabati. To make a donation to the Protravel-FXB Campaign, click here.

Field Photos

Stories from the field


ElizabethElizabeth is a 46 year-old widowed mother who has faced a lifetime of challenges.  After having eight children pass away during infancy, she finally gave birth to two healthy children who are now 10 and 12.

Sadly, her husband passed away soon after the children were born and – with nowhere else to turn – she moved in with her brother and his four children. After contracting an infection, he passed away quickly, and Elizabeth was left to raise his children in addition to her own. Grieving and without any funds to pay for food, shelter, or education, Elizabeth felt hopeless.

When FXB got in contact with Elizabeth, she had not left her bed in days. FXB social workers spent time with her, encouraging her to join the Protravel FXB-Village and start her life again and create a better future for her children. Once enrolled in the Protravel Village, Elizabeth and her children were provided with emergency nutritional support and health care, which allowed them to get back on their feet. She recently received a pig to begin her IGA, and she is looking forward to growing her business so that she can save money to ensure all six children can attend primary and secondary school. Thanks to the generous support of Protravel, Elizabeth says that her children have, “regained their smiles” and can concentrate on their bright future, rather than the past.


Protravel is an FXB Global Partner.