Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

FXB Global Partners: Investing in Communities.

Our Global Partners each adopt and fund a three year FXB-Village in a developing region of the world, giving the hope for a brighter future to an entire community, especially to orphans and vulnerable children!

By becoming a Global Partner, you and your company or community group strategically invest in the future of 80-100 households overcome by poverty and help them meet their basic needs and escape poverty permanently. Your investment provides a universal package to your FXB-Village participants — nutritional, psychosocial and legal support; access to healthcare, education and clean water; HIV testing and prevention — and provides all enrolled families with training and resources to help strengthen their capacities and start income-generating activities. With the earnings from these new ventures, families can lift themselves out of poverty, sustainably provide for their children’s needs, and save for the future.

How the Global Partners Program Works

Working closely with FXB employees in the US or Europe, your company or community group signs a pledge agreement to raise funds for your own Village in a location of your choice, perhaps in a country where your company, employees, members, or clients have ties. FXB-Villages are ready to be launched in Burundi, China, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Myanmar, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, and Uganda!

You raise the funds for your FXB-Village utilizing your existing network and grassroots fundraising techniques — with our assistance. Your FXB-Village can be launched as soon as sufficient funds have been raised to cover expenses for the first year of the program. Your fundraising campaign — and company morale — will be bolstered by the visible progress of the families in your Village over the next three years as you fulfill the remainder of your fundraising target.

The FXB-Village

The FXB-Village Program was founded on the philosophy that the most effective way to help vulnerable children is to invest in families and assist them in escaping poverty permanently. Each Village is a virtual network of 80 to 100 families and their children within a broader community. Over three years, each family receives a comprehensive package of support and training from FXB, which is scaled down over time as families increasingly contribute to their own expenses and take an active role in building their new lives. More than 86% of families from previous Villages have escaped poverty and continue to thrive! Our approach has been lauded by UNAIDS & UNICEF and was featured in Forbes Magazine in 2009! Learn more about the FXB-Village.

The Benefits of the FXB Global Partners Program

The FXB Global Partners program provides a unique spin on the ‘adopt-a-child’ program: instead of sponsoring a single child or family and making charitable gifts indefinitely, you invest in an entire community to help people to help themselves — all for only about $140 per person per year. And while you are only committed to three years of funding, your contribution produces results that last a lifetime!

The Global Partners Program is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship, a partnership, between your organization and the families you help.

As a Global Partner, you will:

  • be able to visit your Village and meet with the families your investment touches increase your brand awareness
  • enrich your corporate/organizational morale
  • increase your media presence through press releases
  • receive regular updates from the field, including videos, photos, and success stories via Facebook, Twitter, eNewsletters, and mailings
  • enjoy a personalized webpage to share with your employees, members, and clients

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A Grassroots Approach to Fundraising

Past Global Partners have made their FXB-Village a part of their corporate/organizational community, creating a sense of brand identity and partnership. Your colleagues, clients, vendors, and friends and family can all be involved in the cause. Because the Village project lasts three years, you have ample time to plan and orchestrate your campaign and to engage your supporters. Previous FXB-Villages have been supported via staff paycheck contributions and employer matching programs, fundraising events, holiday mailings, direct appeals and online campaigns, and many other creative ways. FXB is always on hand to help your promote your Village and to publicize our partnership.

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