Investing in Children. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.


The FXB Action Network is a group of young professionals around the world committed to supporting FXB’s work with families and children living in poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America while networking and having fun!

Upcoming events and campaigns will help raise awareness and funds to send children to school, treat people living with AIDS, build wells for access to safe drinking water, empower mothers and widows, and provide families with the tools and resources to start their own small enterprises!

Our Volunteers

The FXB Action Network launched in New York City in January 2010. Since then, over 100 volunteers have offered their services. Volunteers help the FXB Action Network grow through event planning, marketing, and partner outreach. NYC volunteers meet on a regular basis, while virtual volunteers are also needed to help with online activities.

Click here to learn more about the NYC Action Network and how you can stay connected or volunteer!